Potato Factory.

Potato Factory is a company manufacturing dry potato flakes. The company is interested in expanding business contacts. For mutually beneficial and successful business, we offer You cooperation.

Welcome to the Pogar!

Pogar is hard to imagine without the potato fields. Potatoes have ideal natural conditions for the growth: fertile soil, abundance of pure water, sunlight, fresh air and hard-working people.

Factory is specialized only on the cultivation and processing of potatoes.

The cultivation of potatoes is produced on our own and rented fields, the average distance is not more than 70 km.

We are fully equipped with modern specialized machinery for tillage, seeding, harvesting potatoes, moving the potatoes, recycling and processing waste.

Potato storage has 6 sections of the premises that can store a lump sum of 40 thousand tons of potatoes during the year.

Production - processing of potatoes for potato flakes of fast preparation, the annual production capacity is up to 12 thousand tons per year.